• Makhina Robotics for the revolution in warehouses

    With our young and focused team, we are designing state-of-the-art robotics and AI software for the automation of the e-commerce and 3PL warehouses. With E-Commerce the new warehouse paradigm is based on massive SKU and direct deliveries, so only a new robotic system can overcome this new challenge. Makhina Robotics is here for the revolution in your warehouse.

  • Our Story

    Tekhnelogos is a software and robotics company which has produced high-level software and hardware for specific needs since 2003. The company with her talents in software, AI, IOT and robotics started and completed many projects in engineering, medicine, logistics and e-commerce domains. In 2007 Tekhnelogos started a new r&d project for developing a robotics system for ecommerce warehouse for picking and sorting automation, and in 2020 Makhina Robotics was founded as a spinoff company with her first products Robee and BeeSmart. With this spinoff, Makhina Robotics will be more focused on warehouse robotics and will continue to research and develop new smart machines to widen the product scale. Makhina is ready to revolutionize your warehouse with its young smart team, Belgium, Istanbul, San Francisco offices and a great experience of a great mother company.

We have come a long way since we kicked off the greatest challenge of our short lives. Robotics and AI driven order fulfillment are two of the top solution seeking areas in the e-commerce vertical. Top notch competitiveness, volatile demand and non-flexible resources, expensive infrastructure, operational costs are driving e-commerce companies and 3PL service providers out of their league. Thus, we deep dived into automation and crafted a hand-in-hand solution for high efficiency order fulfillment. I love sustainability due to limited resources, and believe we can keep the planet safe and green by creating symbiotic systems with the help of AI and Robotics. We keep an eye on customer demand and try to over-deliver by AI-led smart solutions.

Osman Subaşı Business Development Director
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Meet Our Team
  • They are looking forward to fighting with your logistics problems and being a part of the solution.

    Makhina team consists of highly talented engineers, system and business analysts. Our solution designers looking forward to meet with your logistics problems. They will analyze your logistics process and will run a simulation with our software to present you the results of possible automations in your warehouse. Meet our team.

  • Dr. A. Selami Çalışkan Founder

    Ahmet Selami Caliskan is one of the founders and General Manager of Tekhnelogos Software (software company that carries out artificial intelligence projects-based R&D projects such as Digital Hospital, Marketplace, Logistics Robot-TÜBİTAK supported), which was declared as R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry, Betages Energy (Solar energy systems) and in the same time he is the Chairman of the Board of Jazari Research. He took place in the creation of ZetaCad, the first big hit of Tekhnelogos which was adopted by more than 5000 engineering firms. Ahmet Selami holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a doctorate at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences with dissertation on the history of science and philosophy titled “The Paradigm of Practice in Modern Science and Its Founding Effect”. He still continues his second doctorate degree at Medeniyet University, Department of International Relations.

  • Mehmet Ali Çalışkan Founder & CEO

    Mehmed Ali Caliskan is the founder and CTO of Tekhnelogos. With an interest in math, Mehmed chose to work in software development after receiving his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. ZetaCad and Dipos was his first big hit that captured the majority of Turkish market and put Tekhnelogos on the map as one of the great contenders of software developers for engineering solutions. He led Tekhnelogos to further develop in artificial intelligence and robotics as well as establishing spin-offs like Libronet (an innovative publishing company on e-books) and ICM (Istanbul Jazari Museum) which received the presidential highest praise for contribution to world cultural heritage in 2019. Mehmet believes human sciences is a natural part of technology and aims to combine his works in harmony with life. Mehmed Ali also has a Md in Philosophy and a book on philosophy of science.

  • Abdullah Doğukan Duran CTO

    Dogukan Duran is the head of the technical team and oversees the design of mechanical and electrical design. His focus is boosting control and perception capabilities of robots. Before joining Makhina Robotics he worked in autonomous vehicles. He has a passion for automation, automotive, railway and defence technologies. He has overtaken projects in hardware, software, and control design works, especially for harsh conditions. Dogukan holds Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.

  • Gökşin Akyüz CMO

    Goksin Akyuz is the Chief Marketing Officer at Makhina Robotics and is responsible for Business Development, and Global Marketing. Goksin joined Makhina Robotics after being CMO of Sola Technology, and Calik where he led the expansion to Benelux markets. He led multiple international initiatives in Turkey and Belgium for development of innovative products and business models with emphasis on lowering environmental footprint through transparency, energy savings, and use of new technologies. He has led the sustainable business model development of innovative casual wear with a lower environmental footprint which was awarded a grant from the EU 7th frame initiative. Goksin holds an MBA degree from Vlerick Management School in Belgium.

  • Furkan Can Yelkenci Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Leader

    Furkan is specialist engineer at Makhina Robotics and oversees the design and evaluation of robotics system behavior, mobile robot damper systems, and steering and investigation of static structural and dynamic analysis. Furkan worked in the Defense industry, and autonomous vehicles before joining Makhina Robotics. He has authored several peer-reviewed articles on mobile robots during his time at Makhina Robotics. Furkan is a strong believer of “no assign without design”. He holds a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.

  • Osman Subaşı Business Development Director

    Osman Subasi is the Business Development Director of Makhina Robotics. He oversees strategic investments, business development and team empowerment, an aspect of his leadership where he believes “sky’s the limit”. Before Makhina Robotics, he worked in the software industry as marketing manager and logistics industry as hands-on operational, and marketing manager roles for top global 3PL companies. In his professional life, he finds highly efficient, error-prone molecular systems very inspiring when designing everyday solutions. No wonder he holds a Bachelors in Genetical Engineering from Bosphorus University, Istanbul and an MBA degree from Kuehne Logistics University Hamburg. He quotes “curiosity kills the cat, but grows humanity”. Hopefully Makhina as well.

  • Eyüp Önder R&D Coordinator

    Eyup Onder is the R&D coordinator at Makhina Robotics, and he oversees management of development projects, conceptualisation, documentation. He has participated in numerous successful projects in Makhina including development of engineering CAD software products to reinterpretation of original designs of Al-Jazari at creation of Istanbul Jazari Museum collection proving his prominence in engineering design. As envisaged by his team, Makhina Robotics is recognised as an incubation center, attracting new ideas and ventures from young brains from all around the world. As someone who loves to learn, to discover innovations and to share, he does not hesitate to consider every R&D opportunity from engineering software to robotics, from science to artificial intelligence systems. Eyup holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Elif Ceylan Business Analyst

    Elif Ceyhan is senior Business Analyst at Makhina Robotics. Elif oversees primary market analysis, conceptual design, and making of workflow, and use cases in WES. Before joining Makhina, she worked at Business Consultancy, and did R&D Project Management, and Business Intelligence. As well as her proficiency in mathematical analysis, she has an active lifestyle full of music, yoga, sports, and travelling. She aims to specialize in customer experience, and behavior in the online era. Elif holds a Mathematical Engineering degree.

  • Berkay Sezen Software and AI Engineer

    Berkay is a software engineer at Makhina Robotics. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bilkent University in 2017. On the occasion of his graduation project, he had the chance to explore the beauty of digitization and digitalization with the help of the various engineering disciplines and decided to pursue an academic career with a master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering at Technical University of Munich. Before Makhina Robotics, he worked at Siemens AG in the R&D for Digitalization and Automation department. Berkay wishes to implement his learnings and enthusiasm into real life applications. He quotes himself as 'my educational and professional background are not merely a collection of work that I have done, rather they are the foundations of my motivation.'

  • Ahmed Bingöl Software and AI Engineer

    Ahmed Bingol is a creative software and AI developer. He graduated from Sabanci University BSc Electronics Engineering department with a High Honor scholarship in 2018. Actively, he is studying at Computer Science MSc program at İstanbul Technical University with a focus on AI based computer vision. Previously, he worked as Software R&D Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems in Aviation and Automotive Sectors. He loves the Sc,i-fi series Westworld and he dreams to design a robot musician that can improvise jazz. We believe he will.

  • Faruk Işıker Electronic Engineer

    Faruk Isiker is the hardware Design Engineer at Makhina Robotics. Before Makhina, he worked at Klorsis as an Embedded System Engineer in Gaziantep. During his education he focused on embedded software, and he made a project on DC-DC Buck converter. Faruk Holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering . He continues his Masters degree at Özyeğin University in FPGA and Embedded Systems program from where he was granted a scholarship.

  1. Onur Kaşıkçı Hardware Design Engineer
  2. Maziar Movahedi Sr. Software Engineer
  3. Pınar Koşan Software Engineer
  4. Büşra İshakoğlu Software Developer
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