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Robee, latest from Makhina Robotics an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) system designed for safe transition to end-to-end automation for e-commerce warehouses, providing fast, accurate, inexpensive, much higher levels of up-time over manual labor. Controlled by our state-of-the-art AI system WES, rendering significant productivity, space utilization gains, and profitability.

  • Designing AI software and robotics with high technology for the needs of the new warehouse paradigm.

    E-Commerce needs massive inventories with millions of SKU to be sent directly to the customer on the same day of the order. Is the logistics convention ready for this paradigm shift? Makhina Robotics trumps challenges to make your warehouse ready for a super service with its state of the art technologies.

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WATCH THE VIDEO Robee. It thinks, it moves.

Boost your warehouse with Robee. This smart robot is one of the best solutions for picking and sorting solutions for your warehouse. Easy to install and manage, the Robee system will help you fulfill customer orders fast and accurately. See how the new methodology and our smart technology will help you to be able to come over the new e-commerce logistics challenge.

Latest article published in our blog

“Ecommerce made three major changes in logistics definition. First, it forced warehouses to store millions of SKU, second it forced warehouses directly to send to the end consumer, third the new customer is not tolerant to late deliveries. A conventional warehouse can’t overcome this challenge so they used massive human power to survive. Only a new technology and methodology can solve this problem”

  • WES not only for your present but also for your future.

    BeeSmart is the heart of your warehouse. More than a Warehouse Execution System (WES), with its powerful AI, it optimizes the process and makes the best task sharing to fulfill the orders. Your human source, mobile robots and any other machine asset is managed by BeeSmart for getting the highest throughput amounts. BeeSmart provides you a smart future also, it simulates all structural and source updates which you plan on your warehouse and outputs clear metrics and reports of your future. BeeSmart knows your warehouse best so it can operate and plan it best.

Fast ROI
  • Return on Investment in 2-3 years.

    A Robee is 3 times faster than a human worker. Plus, it can work 24hrs a day (except charge breaks) 3 times longer than a human worker. So you can boost your warehouse throughput quantities per day by multiplying it 3 even in one shift. With a limited number of human workers supporting the process, you fully run your warehouse throughout the whole day with the best accuracy and minimum errors. Robee is a real value for money. These economies deliver a return of investment (ROI) between 2-3 years. Robee and its smart WES will help you gain more customers and orders with their excellent work delivered to the end.

“We tailor interactions. Interactions that render our expectations as fellow residents of this planet to attain the seamless solution experience, energy savings, better allocation of scarce resources, and our time. We decided to start with a virtual whitepaper. Or a canvas. We designed our AI as a canvas of your imagination. A canvas to turn data into the digital twin of your operations to freely simulate possibilities within your warehouse that were once conceived as confined spaces.”

Gökşİn Akyüz CMO
  • Meet the team who makes it happen.

    Makhina is a spinoff from Tekhnelogos Company. Tekhnelogos founders designed the business and made the first investment, the robotic team designed and developed the product and they formed the core of the new company. The team consists of highly talented engineers, system and business analysts and looking forward to meet with your logistics problems.

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